DUI with an Accident?

No matter what kind of accident you had, we will make sure that you have had sufficient representation in court to ensure that you will not be penalized more than the fullest extent of the law. If you have an accident in Florida with serious bodily injury, an officer may take blood to gather evidence in a DUI.

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Some Sample DUI Cases - Since 2010 - Results not necessarily typical

Client was in Riverside, Jacksonville, and was stopped for crossing the center of the line or drifting too far over, on at around 1:00 am. We filed a Motion to Suppress based on unlawful stop, arguing that the stop, along a narrow street where cars park, was found to be a violation of the clients rights under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution. The officer was called to the stand where he testified that the Client was "too far over" and "stayed in the lane too long" when driving down the narrow street, but admitted that the driver did not endanger any cars, traffic, or property.

Evidence of the DUI was suppressed by the trial judge because the officer did not have probable cause for the stop. Case dismissed.

Client #2 was in Riverside, Jacksonville, and was stopped for speeding shortly after 2:00am. After many requests for discovery, the officer could not produce any calibrations for speed measurement devices that were used in assessing the clients speed. The client received an offer from the state for Reckless driving and accepted the offer.

Client #3 was arrested and charged with a 4th Felony DUI. Due to complications in a Georgia county recording procedure in an old conviction, it was actually the third DUI. After persistent pursuit of the Georgia convictions, the state agreed that it was a 3rd DUI, and amended the charge, saving a felony conviction.

Client #4 was arrested and charged with a 2nd DUI. The arrest occurred outside an apartment complex where the officer was working as a security guard on detail. He stopped the Client for loud music upon entering the apartment complex, and issued him a warning to keep the music down. Client went into his home, but emerged ten minutes later, leaving the apartment complex briefly, and reentering, playing his stereo at a reduced level, but still with the windows down. The officer pulled him over again for the loud music.

Graham appeared on the case, filed motions to suppress based upon an unlawful stop without probable cause, and the charge was reduced to reckless driving. Graham then filed a motion to dismiss the reckless driving charge, based on the fact that there was no testimony that he was in fact driving in a reckless manner. After a good long while, the case against Client #4 was dismissed.

Drivers License Cases

We were hired by a client to fight for their drivers license, in light of overwhelming evidence and a confession. We set the formal hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (Florida DHSMV) and subpoenaed the officer to attend. The officer failed to attend, and the DHSMV, somehow not required to compel an officer's attendance at the hearing despite a subpoena, admitted the officers statements from the police report.

The police report was insufficient to show quite a bit of the evidence required, and my client got their license back.